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Your Next Vacation Spot May Surprise You...
Written by Barkin
From Pier one to the Palace gates, The PORT is a fabulous destination to spend your next vacation. Taking a walk down Pier road will put you in one of those romantic moods. Take you lovely spouse down Pier three and watch people catch their meals for a local restaurant that will cook it while you wait. Next, run the over to the Famous Pier one and do some shopping from some of the exotic street vendors. They have everything from bamboo room dividers to ceramic salt and peppershakers. Whatever tickles your fancy can be found here.

When you get hungry, you have several options at your service. First if you want a nice sit-down meal, head on over to the Mermaid. They offer a variety of food selections for a meager 11 gold for a full meal. You can also par take in the best homebrew beer around for 13 gold per pint. Now if you are looking for something on the lighter side you can go around the corner and visit Soupy's Dry goods. Here you will find their famous biscuits and talk to Skinny Benny; he always has a tale to tell ya. If that still does not tickle your fancy, I hear from Trespen the Elf from the Torn Slip boasts about having the best Kaley fruit and black coffee around.

On your final stop, I suggest stopping by the Palace and take a few pictures of the lovely old architecture. I even saw the prince and he told me it was a pleasure for me to visit and after a brief chat, he shook my hand and departed.

 So weather you plan on staying a day or a week, The Port is the place you want to be. It had fabulous shops, killer eateries, and a view to die for. However, do not just take my word for it. Come down and visit yourself.

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