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Gaardian's LoquI Teaser
Written by VelvetLies
Chatting with a Rumormonger gets the dirt.

 There are no shortages of opinions abut the LoquI clan, but I’ve never quite understood what all the fuss was for. I went in search of answers, and clan leader (Rumormonger) Temilfist was very gracious and patient in granting an interview with me over several days. Due to some technical complications, I lost part of the tells comprising the log (like, the part where text should have been wrapping), which makes it rather difficult to be able to offer direct quotes, but the spirit of LoquI is strong enough to show through.

 One of the first points Temilfist makes, is that LoquI strives to create a welcoming home for its members. He emphasizes that a member will likely need a thick skin, and states that LoquI is the underdog of clans. He also likens LoquI to a small third-world country, making up in heart what they may lack in other technical proficiencies. He uses the term ‘dirty peasants’ endearingly in reference to his clannies.

 Temilfist tells me that LoquI doesn’t care if its members have elite PK skills. The clan doesn’t hold PvP as a high priority, though its members may opt to participate in PK, raiding and defending. When I asked if LoquI stands on either side of the good/evil alignment, Temilfist assured me that the clan stands “firmly in the center of all that is Good and/or Evil”. For LoquI, the concern is not one of wickedness or righteousness, and as Temilfist expresses disdain for both unnecessary violence and the ‘goodie-goodies of the world’, he explains that the focus lies on balance, and fighting along either side if the “powers that be should become unbalanced.”

 Balance comes up again when I ask what qualities bring draw members, current and future, to LoquI. Along with it is a desire for fair play. Like many other clans, LoquI embraces a three-pronged theme, and its deity, the Three Sisters, represents this. For them, their categories are combat, mystical arts and subterfuge. Members are recruited into one of these branches as appropriate. He hints that LoquI may have some surprises up their sleeves, and that the mustering and training of noble and peasant armies continues. While he doesn’t say exactly what’s planned, he does agree to consider a follow-up interview in the future, so stay tuned.

More information on Loqui may be found at www.loqui.aardwolf.com. You can also visit thier public hall, located 19s3wnu.

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