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Gaarding your health on Aardwolf
Written by VelvetLies

Important nutritional information for healthy adventurers.

Recent Release from Fido Nutritional Institute

    * 100-200 Servings Daily Recovery Group includes Black Lotus and Heal items.
    * 30-50 Servings Daily LiquiFoods Group includes milk, orange juice, etc.
    * 15-20 Servings Daily Mob Bits Group includes arms, legs and entrails.
    * 8-12 Servings Daily Personalized Pies Group includes manor pies.
    * 5-7 Servings Daily Organic Creations Group includes goodberries and mushrooms.
    * 1-2 Servings Daily Eatery Treats Group includes items purchased at shops or stands.

FNS Notes:
         Wishes and Heroism may affect individual diet needs. Some items not included in this release failed to meet the standards because their nutrients may be obtained with methods other than ingestion. Items falling under the Eatery Treats Group may increase levels of novel happiness and libido; however they should be eaten in moderation to do potentially hazardous side effects. Entrails are not recommended as a regular supplement of Mob Bits Group Servings, as they may cause nausea and indigestion. Only zombies eat brains, so what are you saying about yourself if you eat brains?

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