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Hell freezes over, people agree on PK, and Gaardian finds its checkbook
Written by VelvetLies
Sure, the first two aren't ever going to happen. But, Gaardian does throw a few new expenses on the budget.
   Here at the Gaardian, we like to think that when you look good, you look good in our tabloid esteemed literary journal. So we've decided to bring some new inventory into stock, just in time for back-to-school shopping. We hope you will find our new level 71 set to be useful in your travels, and we'll be adding our very own energy-boosting Lotus drink to our shelves. To celebrate, we've planned a day full of excitement to add to the fun.

     We will be hosting spellup sessions, and offering resonate/illuminate/solidify services at no charge. Of course, donations will be greatly appreciated, because we want to be able to continue to offer new shop items and clanhall upgrades that are accessible to everyone on the MUD. To help offset this latest expense, we'll also be running a massive auction of some of the favorite gameload equipment, and a very wide collection of skins. You may even see a bit of trivia/games, and some other surprises.

   Whether you're a member of a closed clan, an open clan, a good clan, an evil clan, a future kinda-sorta PK clan, an unofficial society, a clan of one, or the no-clan clan, we invite you to drop by and accessorize. Better yet, come drunk and naked, and bring a friend - we'll all thank you for it next month when the next issue comes out!
Stay tuned to the Clan board for the announcement of our latest EQ release, as well as a date and line-up of festivities planned to celebrate it!

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