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Summer Holiday Quotefall Solution
Written by Mandorallen

It's been many months now - about time to announce the solution to July's summer holiday quotefall! The solution is:

This quote can be found in the area "The Port".

Congratulations are in order to our following solvers:
Mij, Luenaldrimme, Saelle, Enthyme, Sariel, Rolarius, Ojin, Shavrendil, Dardezael, EthanKincaid and Elvendar!

Mij won a Trivia Point token for being first, with the remaining winners pocketing 500,000 gold as their reward*.

Thanks for playing!

Editor's Note
: I haven't been able to contact a couple of you, but the prizes are still valid and waiting to be claimed.

(*) It has also come to me that I might have accidentally given out a poor prize of 100,000 gold instead of the actual 500,000 gold reward to some of the later contestants. If you are one of them, please inform me right away when you see me online and I'll correct this situation. Otherwise, I'll try to weed through my logs to determine if your bank account is missing 400,000 gold pieces. Apologies for the confusion!

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