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News Flash
Written by VelvetLies

    Special Edition Success! A big thank you to all the participants for your involvement, feedback and generous donations. Gaardian also extends it's appreciation to the patient immortal staff, our dedicated journalists and, saving the best for last, our loyal readers.

    Technical triumph or tragedy? The Midgaardian Publishing Group has a new host for gaardian.com! This move may open up a whole new world of coding flexibility, but some lag was detected upon the initial transfer and setup. If you experience any lag or other technical problems, please let us know! 

     Super grouper/wanger Dexx recently started that coveted mort - the 7th of t9. Amazingly, the loquacious and infamous character remains unmarried, and officially unclanned. What's next for the king of wang? He tells us he's holding out for cereal box stardom. --Editor's note - Grats, Dexx, for hitting the most super of heroes!

    Season 11 of 'How Crazy are You?' kicked off recently, with the re-opening of Wolf clan applications. Good luck, applicants!  --Editor's note - apps are now closed.


    Good-bye Mega-One and Aarakocran Cities, hello Helegear Sea and Call of Heroes! Congratulations and thanks to builders Wilderness and Rezit for the most recently added areas. --Editor's note - spanking new! Zangar's Demonic Grotto, brought to us by Gastro.

     Thousands mourn the loss of the hardest hitting news as the Weekly World News goes paperless. Many trailer parks without DSL or cable internet service threaten to roll out in search of better access to the word they know is gospel.

    Have humor, insight or a talent for wordsmithery? We're always looking for revealing interviews, stunning announcements, inspiring perceptions, creative writing and any other ways to reach out and get our readers involved in the joys of writing. Incentives and honoraria may be available to non-member contributors and interviewees.

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