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Battle of the X's
Written by Mandorallen

While the Wolf raiding attempts in November appeared to be fruitful with its capture of six unsuspecting suckers, the new imms are proving to be more than they bargained for.

No one knows this better than the imm formerly known as Xantcha.

Just a few days into their term, a n00b imm swiped Antcha's X from him when he wasn't paying attention, knocking the once-almighty architect onto his knees. Caught off guard, the rest of the newly recruited imms quickly joined in on the letter snatching and name mugging. Antcha learned the lesson the hard way: when sticks and stones can't hurt you, name-calling leaves a wallop of a bruise.

A grieving Antcha, now very protective of his remaining letters, issued a threat to all wannabe letter thieves. "Don't get any ideas, I still have wizi & slay :P" warned Antcha.

Despite his threats, the six new imms remained steadfast in their name-calling.  Annoyed, Antcha proceeded to slay the miscreants, although he eventually gave up when the newbie immortals refused to die properly.

When asked what initiated this plot to kidnap Antcha's X, an insider informant who declined to be named replied: "We decided he'd had X long enough, and he was being greedy with it, so he shouldn't have it anymore." Having swiped the X, they promptly delivered the stolen letter to the Immortal Xaade for safekeeping.  For Xaade, who once coveted the precious title of X, the dream may be just around the corner.

The ideals brought forth by this rambunctious group of nublets and nubbins have gained popularity among many of the Aardwolf populace, with a few of the older imms - even some players - joining in the X revolution.  The company of n00bz0rs have already prepared plans for the counterattack, creating a new immortal-only 'swipe'-ing social.

It appears that the resolve and commitment of this new imm team has steered the Wolf Administration in a different direction. "We believe it is only a matter of time until the wrongs in the MUD are righted," said one of the revolution's leaders. "And we feel that this is the proper start for that.'"

With the tides of power turning, all of the concerns over Antcha's possible responses have been largely dissipated.  "He may have power, but he's still only one person. The more people who call him that, the more resigned he gets," asserted another revolution leader.  "The future is coming. Whose side will you be on?"

This Just In:
X-less imm's invitation to X-Men IV audition declined
Consumption of the letter 'X' plummets as imms enforce 32 TPs per-usage tax
Mandorallen last seen roasting over Antcha's hibachi - please send help!

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