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Winter Holiday Quotefall Solution
Written by Mandorallen

Now that the 2007 Aard Quotefalls series has come to an end, it is time to announce the solution to the Winter Holiday Quotefall. The completed grid can be seen below:

This quote comes from the "Storm Mountain" area.

Congratulations are in order to our following solvers:
Purr, Dardezael, GdAnGuS, Enthyme, Switchblade, Elvendar, Wender, Wil, Saelle, Ahriman, Sariel, and Shavrendil!

Purr won a Trivia Point token for being first, Dardezael won a million gold for coming in second, and each of the remaining winners received 500,000 gold as their reward.

Thanks for playing, and have a happy holidays!

Because of the recency of this contest, I haven't been able to reach a few of you yet (probably also because of the holiday schedules that many of you are following). No worries - the prizes will all be distributed in due time. Feel free to speed up the process by sending me a quick tell when you see me online. Thanks!

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