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Top Ten Round-up Contest
Written by Mandorallen

Have your own idea for a top ten list? Send it in and win a reward!

Rules: There really aren't many! Just that every entry must be Aardwolf-related before it is considered for a reward. We will judge entries based on originality, content, style and humour (there's always that).

To get you started, check out the Opinion section of the paper for our own version of a top-ten list. By all means, yours doesn't need to be nearly as verbose - a simple, but deliciously amusing or innovative list could take the first place!

When you're happy with your list, either post it to Mandorallen on the Personal board, or email it to mandorallen AT gaardian DOT com (the email address listed in my finger info).

This contest will be concluded a week before the next issue (to be announced).

Rewards: A whole bunch of prizes will be awarded in this contest. They include:

  • 3 TPs to the entry we deem worthy of first place
  • 2 TPs will go to the second place entry
  • 1 TP + 1,000,000 gold to the third
  • All entries, winning or not, will be awarded 1,000,000 gold for effort
  • Early bird prize: 1,000,000 extra gold to the first entry received, winning or not

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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