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Home & Style
Written by VelvetLies

  Our first selected homestead belongs to Kallendbor, a longtime Amazonian and self proclaimed Typo Qurrm. Located in the Aardwolf Real Estates, this homestead is seriously oldskool, with a purchase date of '99, according to the homeowner files.

  This particular lot consists of the standard two rooms, a porch and one private room, themed around a literary series by Terry Brooks. My host assures me he is '..the same guy that does the Shanara series.  He isn't the BEST but his stuff is enjoyable :)' and that there is plenty of potential for additional upgrades falling in line with the theme.

  Our first stop: the porch , a.k.a The Greenfields

The trees break apart, and the far side of the ridgeline drops away into
meadow and a castle stands before you.  It sits half a mile distant within a
lake upon an island just large enough to support it.  The lake is a deep
crystal blue in color, the area of the island not covered by the castle is
covered in old growth forest.  The castle is a maze of stone and wood and
metal towers, parapets, causeways, and walks that thrust into the sky like
fingers of a broken hand.  There is color everwhere, from the green of the
trees, to the reds and blues of the standards and flags flying atop the
parapets.  The stone is a bright white, and in the sun, it looks almost
silver.  That, and the silver polish of the metal towers is what gives the
castle its name.  Before you stands Sterling Silver, the home of all the
kings of Landover that ever were.  The current resident is Kallendbor, the
High Lord of Landover. 

  And upon invitation to the next room, one can enjoy the warmth of the fire and fresh water from the fountain in: The Great Hall

  As you step into this magnificent hall, you gasp in amazement at the
simple but ornate decorations adorning the room.  Tapestries hang from the
polished white marble walls richly spun with colorful fibers, interweaved
with gold trim.  In the center of the room is a large rowan- wood table,
with matching chairs.  The table has seen many celebration feasts, for it is
as old as the castle.  Tall candles adorn each side as you walk along the
carpeted stone walk.  Ancient suits of armor stand at the sides of the hall,
standing guard over the festivities occurring here.  You truly begin to feel
the prescence of the great Kings and Lords who have entered the hall bafore
you.  The echoes of ancient fests, marvellous stories of battle, and quests
for honor float through the hall like ghosts.  At the far end of the hall
sits two impressive but simply decorated thrones on a stone dias.  One for
the High Lord Kallendbor, and one for his beautiful queen. 

Special thanks to Kallendbor for welcoming Gaardian into this location and helping us kick off H&S. The Editor's favorite part about this abode? Its prime location and longevity! Impressive!

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