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Top ten reasons why you shouldn't campaign after level 150
Or why you need to be a Rx3 if you do...
Written by Mandorallen

Why isn't campaigning past level 150 all it's cut out to be? Well...

10. AardEQ won't save you. Neither will all the gold in Aylor. This adventurer has a full set of AardEQ gear, including all the best clan gear money can buy, and a newly bought Axe of Aardwolf for level 170, but that certainly didn't stop the thirty frenzied Tytans from running him over in less than two whole rounds.

9. Time won't save you. Those days when campaigns used to take all of four minutes (and that was a slow day too!) are long gone. Mobs can literally take a hundred times longer to kill than before, and a sancted mob really means it's sancted. And unlike some of the previous campaigns you might have had before, knowledge of the area quest is absolutely crucial - not in completing the campaign, but for your survival. So when Barcett gives you a measly 8 hours to finish the job, tell him off and ask him to handle it himself. His job doesn't look all that bad in comparison...

8. Single-classers are doomed. If you don't have the basic toolbox of campaigning skills at your disposal (which includes hunt, slit, translocate, invis, tame/calm, and possibly wayfind and mist form), it's time to call it quits. Translated, that means anyone without a mage and thief mort under their belt can't participate in the fun. Also having a ranger's "sense life" comes in handy when you need to know how long you have before the insanity begins again.

7. Ignorance isn't bliss. If you didn't know better, dying is the only way out of some areas. For those unfortunate enough to enter the 'perfect vision' portal in Death Gate (which I assure you happens more often than you think), and then run around trying to escape the unwanted imprisonment, reincarnation is probably your best bet at getting out.

6. Maps won't save you. Maps are absolutely essential to the serious campaigner. But for some areas like Soulblade, without any working knowledge about the area quest, you'll have no choice but to spam translocate until you get into the unmapped dungeon. Don't have translocate yet? Oops.

5. Translocate won't save you. For some areas, getting in is the hardest part. Many poor innocents are lost to the feisty tendrils of mist, conveniently pervading all of the rooms that make up the Black Rose entrance. When all you need is a tiny mouse, a dense fog can put you very much under the weather.

4. Tame or calm won't save you either. You might be able to calm a storm from raining in on you, but just like in real life, some mobs are too frenzied to be calmed. Just when you need to visible to buy some identification papers, those nasty Thrull porters are just waiting for you to step out of the shadows so they can take care of some unfinished business.

3. Hunt won't save you. Thought you were so clever to hunt down the room of that "elven citizen", didn't you? Much to your chagrin you find three different citizens in that room with you as well. But it can't be too bad because you have slit right? Oops, it looks like those black panthers, mystic winds and death bringers hanging around didn't like that too much...

2. Death Gate, Cataclysm or Deadlights - choose your fate. I assure you, if you don't tread carefully, these three areas will live up to their terror-inspiring names. Then again, that -500 percent heal rate in Deadlights also means you can't tread too slowly either...

1. And the #1 reason why you shouldn't campaign after level 150... temptation to bot. With every single area having their own "special cases", it won't be long till you start thinking your client's triggers are best used for automatically side-stepping that innocent-looking pit of death or to prevent you from entering the Portal Of No Return. And even if you aren't botting, you'll most likely to be suspected of botting anyway... no one in their right mind campaigns beyond level 150 after all.

Conclusion: Miracles won't save you because they never work in the first place. If you haven't done so already, apply to Druid right away so that the next time you're killed, the heartache won't be that bad.

Despite all logic, Sir Mandy Mandorallen continues to campaign past level 175 as of this writing... what other punishments await him?

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