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A Really Mixed-Up Global Quest
Written by Mandorallen

For cryptogram enthusiasts, this month features a completely jumbled-up global quest. How quickly will you be able to complete this quest?

Instructions: The following three encrypted lines hide the mob targets of a global quest. Like a cryptogram, each letter is replaced with a different letter. Your job then is to decrypt each of the three lines to reveal the proper mob targets. Once you have deciphered the targets, you will then need to match the mob names with their correct areas (even the areas are jumbled up!).

Mob Targets:

Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * Bmyka Wpqq opvpls n yxyqklm (Snqqkca Jpqq). 
Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * Znftmo (Jkimq Koqnlvk). 
Zpqq ni qmnai 1 * To. Abnvm (Qnlv ke Qmsmlv).

Hints: All mobs are level 15 or below. Each line uses the same substitution cipher.

Rewards: The first person to send the correctly-matched global quest output to Mandorallen on the Personal board will take home 1 Trivia Point token as their reward (hey, better than 9 qps!). The next ten correct submissions will receive 500,000 gold. Afterward, the prize will be reduced to 300,000 gold.

Good luck, adventurer!

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