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All Flash and No Substance!
Written by VelvetLies

Booming cries of distress echoed through the land recently, launching emergency response teams from each of the continents. The Mesolarians showed up in the greatest numbers, while rumors arose that the crew from Vidblain was unable to find their way to the scene due to insufficient battery-power in their flashlights. An unofficial report from the mysterious land stated, 'it is very dark...we have no speedwalks...it is dumb luck that we are ever able to find our own rear-ends, even with the aid of technology...'

 Another group notably small by comparison was the team from Alagh, who claimed their numbers dwindled over the duration of the trip as they were unable to stop battling throughout their journey. The Geldius response team had no troubles though, arriving in matching parkas on everything from snowshoes and ice skates to snow-mobiles. A few nefarious looking folks from Abend were the subject of spectator scoffing. "Who has ever heard of an EVIL helping hand?"

 At the heart of the commotion stood the Mighty God of Cloud Activity, the Great Zeus himself. In a brief speech he informed the crowd, "Minions and mortals of Andolor! You have risen to answer a plantiff cry. Today is a day of great tragedy, for someone has STOLEN MY THUNDER!"

 A rippling gasp swept the gathering of mixed beings as shock overtook the air in an electric manner that even the Mighty Zeus couldn't recreate with his basketful of lightning bolts. The attendees quickly divided into search teams, starting the search in the most logical locations - Mount Olympus, Seven Wonders and Dread Tower. Zeus claims he spends most of his time in Dread Tower for the unusual privacy he receives, particularly from nagging wife Hera as she does not have her own vnum in the Tower and cannot simply portal onto his TunderCloud. He also seems to be quite found of Sally the Librarians nice rack (of books). After several passings of all three moons, Zeus' stolen Thunder still wasn't located in any of these areas.
 The search area expanded at the demands of the furious diety, dragging on until all parties had depleted their stores of YUMMY pot pies and began to complain of frequent hunger pains. Just in time to save everyone involved, a bewildered newbie was heard gossiping about a strange package they stumbled across. The search teams united in the heart of Aylor, just down the east of Starlight Way, to find the item in question. Stranded on the floor of the Gno-Go Express, Zeus' Thunder was precariously wrapped, tagged with a piece of fine parchment. Zeus grabbed the tag reading 'Dear Zeusiepoo, you dropped this in the Library, but I couldn't pass the trials to your cloud' with a sheepish and confused expression. Glaring at Slogton, he began to boom out his need for an explanation at the failure of the couriers to deliver his package. Slogton quickly cut him off, "I don't have time for this! Read the sign! We can't handle your Thunder!"

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