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Love and Money: Post-Festival Realizations
Written by Mandorallen

February is Bank Account Awareness month for a few among the Aardwolf populace. Aardwolf's first ever Springtime festival came to a successful close mid-February, along with the sound of hundreds of millions of gold and thousands of quest points being transferred from clan acounts and players' pockets into the hands of contest winners and participants.

Mandorallen, who had over 4000 quest points in January, was shocked to find out that he was 500 quest points short of superheroing loud when the festival was over. "There was a glitch in the qp conversion command," stated the Editor-in-Chief in an attempt to explain the sudden disappearance of 3500 quest points. "Usually I would have more quest points after the conversion... when's the next donation period again?"

Money-lending hit its peak so far this year as well, as some borrowed millions to cover for the cost of the festivities and prizes. "Although there's no way I can pay this back, it's all good. While I'm at it, I think I'll blow a couple of the trivia points I borrowed on a rename," While I'm at it, I think I'll blow a couple of the trivia points I borrowed on a rename," said a player who no longer exists.said a player who no longer exists.

On the receiving end, a few players have struck it rich, answering repeat questions about February 14, flowers and chocolates. It has been suggested that some even went as far as printing out the Wikipedia entry on Valentine's Day and highlighting potential facts in anticipation of the festival's many trivias - a strategy that worked frighteningly well.

Not everything was all hugs and kisses, however. In contrast, Thingol's mad global questing skills brought him a nice booty by cleansing the seas of pirates, whereas contestants from the Hallowe'en-esque party game "Arms, legs, and brains! Oh my!" brought various dismembered body parts in for judging.

All-in-all, whether people gave or got, everyone had fun, and that's what counts. Hope to see everyone at Aard Fest '09!

In other news
- Mandorallen introduces new 1 qp tax on espresso cskill usage in preparation for next year's festival
- Aylorian florist Hyntrie's reports lower than usual earnings after several delayed shipments of rose varieties

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