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Fall Festival Reflections
Written by Barkin

The Aardwolf Fall Festival 2005 has begun with a big bang.  With tons of games available for all levels, this year's festival will be talked about for years to come.  After wandering around the festival grounds the past few days, I have noticed that it seems that most clans have set up some sort of booth.  There are booths for the whole family, everything from (+)Cabal(+) poker tournaments, *]AMAZON[* Strawberry Kiss Wheel of Fortune, (who cannot resist a kiss from the lovely Nebe),  o}HooK{-o treasure hunts, *|Crimson|* duels, and lets not forget our own <<|Gaardian|>> fox and hound games.
With the passing of day to night, it seems that even more people come to join in the festivities.  Vendors of all sorts peddle their wares in and around the clan booths.  I have been able to find everything for roasted ears of corn and juicy turkey legs, to slices of Yoda's Sour Green Apple Pie.  There is plenty of "good eats" available.  I highly recommend that you do not eat before coming.  Once you fill you belly and had your fill of games, stick around and watch the wonderful display of fireworks hosted by the one and only Wolf Administration.  Lasher has been heard saying, "The bigger the BOOM, the better fun!"   So rest assured, the close of the evening festivities with be well worth the wait.
So with the Festival drawing to a close, be sure to stop by and enjoy yourself. There will be plenty of food and entertainment for the whole family.

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