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Happy Pride
Top Ten Reasons Pride is Better Than Christmas
Written by VelvetLies

10. Jello shots > Eggnog.

9. No buying gifts for people you don't like.

8. No pretending to like whatever dumb gift someone you don't like gave you.

7. Hallmark hasn't created a Happy Pride greeting card line.

6. The bears are friendlier and there isn't reindeer poop. 

5. Better music, no sleigh bells included.

4. Even Frosty the Snowman won't want to get caught in the shade being thrown 'round here.More color options for festive dress and decoration.

3. "Let me help with that sunscreen" is much sexier than "Let me help with those snow pants".

2. Even stretched out, it's over in a week, tops.

1. No adorable elf shoe will ever be more adorable than a fabulous heel is fabulous.


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