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Tumari's Diner Slowdown
Written by Barkin

 Earlier this afternoon at Tumari's Diner there was mass chaos.  Noted for its high end dinning, it is often frequented by all sorts on special days like today, Mother’s Day.  Unfortunately, today was not the day to visit this fine establishment.  Near the waiting room, patrons could be overheard yelling "It's been over ninety minutes! What's going on here?"  Every table was full, wait staff was running around with their head cut off and the kitchen staff just could not keep up.  As I walked around the diner, it was evident that something was wrong.  Everyone patron seemed to be upset that they had to wait and wait.  I talked to one of the managers on duty and his only comment was “Of all days for the health inspector to show up.  I wish he would just leave and come back tomorrow when we are not so busy.  He is killing us.  Customers are getting upset that their food is taking so long.  Today is all about mothers and how can they be pampered when we can’t even get their food to them on time.”

I tried He should of known this would of caused a backup. This is the same health inspector from the 2008 fiasco at Jenny's Tavernto get a comment for one of the line cooks but he just pushed past me mumbling something about trying to impress the inspector.  Others seemed to be standing around just waiting for something.  Come to find out, everyone was afraid to work with the inspection going on.  Argao, the head chef, was clearly trying to keep things running smoothly.  Unfortunately it was not working well. 

After two hours, the health inspector, finally left.  Argao said as painful as it was, as slow as the service was, and as mad as the customers got, he believes it was worth it.  The inspector gave them a score of 100.  A perfect score and within a short amount of time, the diner was back to its old self.  Those upset customers were compensated with Argo’s famous deserts.  Every mother received a beautiful red rose and a package of chocolate covered strawberries. 

All in all, this reporter believes  that even with the unexpected Mother’s Day rush, the slowdown caused by the health inspector, the night turned out quite remember able.  

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