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Sometimes Mother's Day is a Confusing Day
Provide Hearing Aid Before Conversation
Written by Cuzpasack

 Upon my travels in the realm one of the mightiest mother’s of them all is the mother in Aardington Estate.  She is the Earl’s mother and has plenty of pride with her son being the Earl.  When looking at her you see her eyes are not doing well, her hands appear to be nimble enough to crochet and knit.  I decided that she would be a very proud mother and want only the best for Mother’s Day.


You ask 'Hello there mother of Earl!  What do you want for Mothers day?'

You make the Earl's mother exclaim 'I want you to leave me alone until I finish my tonic!'

You say 'why ma'am I'm sorry for bothering you I was thinking of giving you flowers or perhaps a nice piece of jewelry'

You make the Earl's mother exclaim 'what you want to take my jewelry? over my dead body!'

You say 'no no, I do not wish to fight I don't want to take your jewelry I can give you some tonic'

Before I knew it though, I battle was taking place..

The Earl's mother chants the phrase 'godly embrace'.

The Earl's mother is embraced by the might of Ayla.


In Fear I readied my wooden sword and donned my aura of sanctuary..it was a fearsome battle with crochet needles and a few pots and pains but in the end…

The Earl's mother screams as the flames engulf her!!

Smoke rises from the charred and burnt corpse of the Earl's mother.

The charred corpse of the Earl's mother contains:

     (M) green tea tonic

     (I)(M) |[a wedding ring]|

With sadness I looted the corpse and trudged away.  I wish I had checked her hearing before I spoke to her, now the Earl is spared the task of finding a proper gift for Mother’s Day. 

The only two things she apparently wanted for Mother’s Day she already had.  Perhaps the message here is that material possessions are not always the answer for Mother’s Day.  Sometimes a good tonic and nice memories are all you need to provide for that special person.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there it applies to!

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