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Thank Mom by Sending Her on Vacation
Your mother Deserves the VERY best
Written by Barkin

 Tired of the same old Mother’s Day routine?  Tired of always taking mom to dinner and a movie?  Well, have you ever thought about sending her on a nice trip to some place where she could rest, relax and be pampered?  Here are three options that she is sure to love.

Nice sandy beaches, warm weather, great view of the not-so distant mountain.  Send mom to lovely Pompeii!  She can relax in one of the famous bath houses, partake in the Theatre and visit the Actors’ Guild, check out exotic fruits at the local fruit stand and even venture out and go hiking on the nearby mountain.  What could go wrong?  This is exotic at its finest.

Not your mom’s cup of tea?  Then send her out to visit the Seven Wonders.  Here she can visit great Statues, lovely Temples, enormous Norman would do anything for his motherPyramids, and humongous Lighthouses.  Not quite as exotic as Pompeii but very much just as breath taking. She can brush up on her knowledge by visiting one of several Room of Facts.  And don’t forget to tell her to hit up the Souvenir Shop before return home.

Still not something on her bucket list? Well send her out for the weekend to Siren's Oasis Resort.  She can sit on the beautiful sandy beaches and drink her day away.  When she has had her “fun in the sun” she can take one of many trishaws back to the resort and finish off the night watching the Beauty Pageant at the Grand Hall.  What a way to relax!

Send your mom somewhere great for Mother’s Day! It’s her day and she deserves it. Remember, without her, you would not be here so give her something to remember.

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