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The Mothering aspects of the friend list
Happy Mother's Day
Written by Malak


I first began Aard as a t0. Well, that’s no big surprise you say, as everyone starts that way. As with most everyone, I was overwhelmed by the wall of text which quickly scrolled through my screen. For the first couple of minutes I just sat there trying to read every single line of text for every single room I walked in, trying to leech every scrap of information that I could. Surely no one would go through this much trouble of writing all these room descriptions if they weren’t important, right? Quickly, I became tired and bored with all this reading. Why would anyone find this enjoyable?

The answer came from my friend who had actually introduced me to Aard. Through careful explanations and over many frustrating conversations he guided me through the beginning of Aard: How to quest, how to level, what to spend Friends nurture us from day 1gold and qps on, how to hoard tps, etc etc. The basics, I would say. Now, I must emphasize the point that they never told me everything. As with all good mentors, they laid a solid foundation for me to build my own knowledge upon. They guided as I constructed my knowledge and were quick to point out where the house I was building would be faulty.

From our infancies where our mothers taught us how to walk, eat, change our clothes, go to school, study etc etc to Aard, we are all constantly in a flux of learning something new. The day in which we decide to take a back-seat and become passive in our own betterment is the day in which we truly stop learning anything at all.

In conclusion I wanted to say a big thanks to all the people on my friend list, and to all the people on Aard who dedicate to mentoring the new, overwhelmed newbies.

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