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Bad Neighbours - a movie review
Seth Rogen's latest outing on the big screen
Written by Danj

 I'm presuming the name was changed in the UK market to avoid conflict with the existing long-running soap opera, though given the content I don't necessarily know that anyone would have confused the two.

Bad Neighbours depicts Seth Rogen as a married man struggling with the initial phase of fatherhood. He's got himself a wife and a house in a nice neighbourhood, and everything seems like it's on the up and up - until a university fraternity moves in next door.

From the get go this puts him in conflict with Zac Efron who plays the part of the fraternity leader. Things quickly escalate Things quickly escalate... high-jinks ensue.from a friendly suggestion to keep the noise down and many high-jinks ensue. It will come as no surprise to fans of Rogen's previous works to discover that there's beer and pot involved.

Basically, if you like Seth Rogen movies then the chances are you'll like this one. I had a lot of laughs watching it. The actress playing the wife of Rogen's character, Rose Byrne, is not someone I've come across before, but she handles the part well and I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

Bad Neighbours is out in cinemas across the UK this week and in the USA from Friday 9th May 2014.

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