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Travel Series: New Thalos (Part II)
Second of a two-part story on New Thalos, the famous Mesolarian trading post
Written by Trurien

New Thalos (Code: WTH)
South Mesolar: 27, 36

I was woken much later by one of the prison guards, Old Thalos style. At some point, they had tied a thin brown rope around each of my ankles and tied it to my boots. Only thing was, the rope was looped around one of the bars in the prison grille.
The guard had tugged on it, dragging both me and my boots into the grille. When my head hit the bar, I woke up, then groggily put my boots on. Then I attempted to walk out via an open door in the other corner and promptly fell face first into the sandy floor, triggering hearty laughs from the guard and the Mayor outside the cell.
"I haven't seen that in a long time, mister. Thanks for the entertainment!" The guard confided this in me, sniggering, as she untied my boots. "If you're wondering what you're in here for, I think the Mayor there can tell you better. Here, this'll teach you to be more careful at the Daemon."
The Mayor, chuckling, told me that "Miss Nichole" had sent me to jail. I must have been completely wasted to not have recognised her distinctive perfume.Apparently, she had visited the Inn disguised as one of the Lokette's backup singers. By this time, some rounds of the Daemon's drinks had had me sharing some wild stories of my past, and she joined the small crowd that had gathered to listen.
I'd loudly said something I no longer remember about the harem and some phase spiders, apparently, that she took offence to. Come to think of it, I must have been completely wasted to not have recognised her distinctive perfume. Or it might have helped...
In any event, she had instructed the Mayor to give me an invitation to the harem room for further conversation. But I was not allowed to share the details of that conversation till the Ishtar River guildmaster revealed his secrets.
Given that those thieves would sooner fill a hole in the ground - with your cooling body - than let any of their secrets out, I decided not to take "Miss Nichole" up on her offer. Stay alive to report another day, not disappear into the mists like Old Thalos...


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