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Farmhouse Revisited
Kimr's Farm Bounces Back
Written by Barkin

 Nine months have passed since we brought you news of the devastating fire that burnt Kimr’s farm to the ground.   Today we bring you an update to that tragedy.  Kimr has been most fortunate.  Friends and neighbors have pulled together to help rebuild the farmhouse, barn and holding pens for the animals.  Both Kimr and Anabelle have been most appreciated for all the help.  And to show OH YA! Snake KABOBS! Please pass the BBQ sauce.their appreciation, Kimr is hosting a BBQ, bonfire, and dance.  Everyone is invited; all you need to bring is your best dancing shoes.  Anabelle told us she plans on making a nice tossed weed salad, while Kimr will be roasting some rabbit, grilling some black ant legs, grub stew, and tasty mouse and snake kabobs.  So everyone come down to Kimr’s Farm next Saturday for some great food and a great time.

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