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Nontrivial Elasticity for Trivia Points
Written by Trurien
Analysts expecting the market price for trivia point tokens to go through the roof after the mass purchase of a hundred for six million gold each were disappointed as the price dropped swiftly back to previously established levels.
A mystery donor had funded the frivolous-seeming purchase of tokens on public auction, carried out by Sabre Co. actionaries, which saw dozens of different trivia point owners attempt to cash in on the craze.
"The announcements came too soon that the flash buy was ending," groused J. Fisk, who had been in the queue at Ravi's hoping to swap more of his trivia points for tokens.
"By the time I got my tokens, I got messages that the tokens were going for three million gold each. Three million gold! That's a loss!" whined Fisk, who had just created two weeks prior. 
This reporter managed to obtain TP in bulk for a similar price later, confirming that prices had indeed returned to the norm. The source only agreed to be mentioned under condition of anonymity and that his TP providers not be revealed.

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