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Nibbly's Nibbles - Wayward Alehouse
Notes from a Culinary Crusader
Written by Nibbly

Your trusty Gaardian of culinary taste is here to bring you the first in at least one feature on the gustatory delights of the world of Aardwolf.  Our first stop is the Wayward Alehouse or, "Ye Olde Drinking Establishment."

Built on the ashes of the Adventurer's Wayhouse (which was a public house with a decidedly atavistic approach), Wayward Alehouse is known for serving drinks from the world over and serving drunks from the same places.  The ambience is noisy--no carpet--and the service gruff.  Why, just as I entered a big bouncer with brass knuckles reminds me to behave myself.  As if this Diva could get into any trouble--please!

I made my way straight to the bar and the asked the one-eyed bartender for an Aylorian Stout.  He served it to me in a clay mug and decided to make a lap of the place before I committed to any location.  A centaur regaled me with some chestnut about bears in Li'Dnesh which required me to slam my beer and have another.  This time a Gnomalin Scotch in a proper glass.

Would that Wayward Alehouse is known for serving drinks from the world over and serving drunks from the same places.I had slammed the drink before running into a 70 year old fashion victim telling me a "true story" that sounded an awful lot like Moby Dick with himself as a Psionic Captain Ahab.  After he finished I downed the Scotch.  It tasted like Scotch and I remember feeling completely wasted.

Feeling woozy, I wobbled my way through the drunks and dancers and climbed the stairs to find a place to rest.  After interrupting a man on the toilet (he was not happy), I found my way for what passed as a penthouse suite which I shared with two similarly inebriated patrons.  20 winks later, I returned to the Alehouse proper and ordered my final drink of the evening.

And I have to say after that Patroxis Carriage Bomb all I remember was some fabulous story about the Scarred lands and losing myself in the music.

So how does the Wayward Alehouse stack up?  If you don't mind the blood, the vomit, the impossibility of sobriety or silence--it is an Adventurer's dream come true.  Just remember to bring a designated carriage driver.

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