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"Class" Action Lawsuit Against Ivar Educational Travel Corporation
Written by VelvetLies

A tip from a concerned consumer came into Gaardian recently, indicating that students from the Art of Melody, Seven Wonders, the School of Horror, Unearthly Bonds and Glamdursil are seeking legal action and restitution from Ivar Educational Travel Corporation. The claim states academies and learning institutions were sold bulk travel packages for students looking for the “Ultimate Spring Break Experience”. For students that rarely, if ever, have a chance to get outside their learning institutions, the low costs and promises to tour at least four islands with a focus on “educational tourism” were understandably enticing. Certain institutions have reported that they also developed a system for the students to receive a partial academic credit for the expansion of their horizons.

However, while the specifics of individual accounts vary, it is clear that all did not go as promised once the Spring Breakers set out on their journey. Property loss and damage as well as personal injuries are depicted in nearly every report. A number of students reported they were prohibited from returning home early upon request, allegedly restrained by volleyball nets and coconut bikinis.

Allegations surrounding an incident on a HooK Party Boat are particularly muddled and under investigation from a number of local agencies. When asked to comment, HooK responded only by sending a keg of rum and souvenir eye-patches. Speculators believe more students from other institutions may come forward with key details.

Representatives of Ivar Educational Travel Corporation have refused to comment at this time, though they have recently announced they will be accepting reservations for their “Ultimate Summer Camp” shortly 

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