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Farmhouse Catches Fire
Written by Barkin

The farmhouse, just outside the eastern entrance of Aylor on Eastern High Road, was seen ablaze this morning. The homestead had only been around for a couple of years. Kimr had purchased the old orchard and had turned the area into a somewhat profitable business.

Details are still a bit sketchy but Investigators are leaning towards foul play. After carefully searching the grounds, the Investigators found several things that seemed irregular. Oak table, scythes, a dagger and few other items were lying just outside the doorway as if they were carefully placed instead of tossed out to keep from burning. A burn trail can still be seen leading away "There was smoke everywhere!"from the smoldering farmhouse. Some are even speculating that there were financial problems with the poor crop yield this year.

Anabelle, Kimr's younger sister, seemed in good spirits despite being covered in soot from head to toe and losing all of her worldly possessions. Her frilly dress and large hat had burn small burn holes all over them. She declined an interview but she could still be seen still prancing around the farm wearing that big beautiful smile as if nothing happened.

Some believe that the Investigators have their work cut out for them because there are very little witnesses and the bugs and animals are definitely not talking.

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