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Conspiracy to increase DVD sales!
Is magic worth the price?
Written by Malak


Most recently a change was implemented to Aardwolf that increased the power of spells.  This was portrayed on a front as a way to balance the classes.  In reality it is a secret conspiracy.  What is it a conspiracy of you ask?  Well do not worry, the truth is about to be revealed!  Interviews were conducted with a few immortals about the issue. 


Madcatz, or ztacdaM, his alias, has a fondness for numbers. He can calculate

everything and anyone, to several digits exact. He numbers his days, in

roman, decimal, octal, and some numbers not invented yet. Other than that, he

roams around to get some digits...

Evil Madcatz is in perfect health.

Evil madcatz is using:

[ Worn about waist    ]: (M) Madcatz' Abacus


You ask, ‘Hello Madcatz, I find it weird you are in the School of Horror with me, but do you have any time for questions?’

Evil Madcatz says, "Pie, the food for anyone with a love of numbers."

You ask, ‘You know why I am here don’t you?  You are purposely being evasive aren’t you?’

You make Evil Madcatz say 'hello '

You ask, ‘Do you agree there is a conspiracy behind the recent changes to mage spells?’

Evil Madcatz sloshes south.


As the readers can see, the question was evaded entirely with smooth talking!  This is just the first bit of evidence to convince you there is a conspiracy. 

Evil Justme is a gorgeous contradiction, a beautiful and deadly display of

oppositions. Her red hair waves down to her waist, brushing the black and

white lace miniskirt strapped about Don't scry for me Argentinawith evil looking daggers. Her green eyes

flash in amusement at your pathetic attempts to catch her attention.

Evil Justme is in perfect health.

You say, ‘Hello there’.

You make Evil Justme say 'hey'

You ask, ‘Can I ask you some questions about the new spellcaster changes?’

Evil Justme exclaims, "Helpers, newbies, we need not these things!"

You ask, ‘is it not true that the changes are linked to increase sales of a certain tv series on DVD?”

Evil Justme screams as the flames engulf her!!


Another attempt to find the truth thwarted by conspiracy!  The last and tried and true method I have of proving a conspiracy is all that is left. 


tell lasher do you admit to the conspiracy of increasing dvd sales for the tv series charmed?

No one in this world by that name!


There you have it folks.  Three interviews conducted with definitive proof that the recent changes in offensive spell damage is a ruse.  It is not yet proven but it is almost certain that the immortals are in league with the producers of several TV series and movies.  Some of these are but not limited to Charmed, Practical Magic, Eastwick, and The Secret Circle.  A huge interest in magic will be created from this change.  Everyone will be buying up these TV shows causing a huge profit for the producers.  They will share these profits with the immortal team.  They will all live in a life of luxury as multi millionaires and stop regulating Aardwolf altogether.  We must make a stand and stop casting spells now, or we may lose our home!


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