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Shocking St. Patrick's Day Revelation
Alcohol, blessing or curse
Written by Malak

You ask 'Hey there Nednar, what are you doing for St. Patrick's Day?'

You make a touring dwarf exclaim 'hello lad, I am going to be drinking lots of alcohol!'

You ask 'where at?'

You make a touring dwarf say 'Snooky's Pub, aye it has the best ale'

You ask 'Hello Nemus, any plans for St. Patrick's Day?'

You make The tired gnome father Nemus exclaim 'I plan to get wasted!'

You ask 'where at?'

You make The tired gnome father Nemus say 'Snooky's pub has the best selections'

You ask 'Hello Mr. tax collector will you be collecting on St. Patrick's Day?'

You make An Aylorian tax collector exclaim 'are you foolish? no way I will be drinking to celebrate!'

You ask 'where at?'

You make An Aylorian tax collector sulk 'by myself, Snooky's won't let me in because I'm the tax collector :('


After these thrilling interviews I decided to explore this theme.  Everyone wanted to drink alcohol and to do it at Snooky's Pub.  When I arrived at Snooky's I ran into an interesting man.


You ask 'hello sir, how are you doing?'

A disreputable drunk exclaims, "*Hic!* I'm...just waitin' fer 'ol Snook to

 come back. I'm *Hic!* almost outta al-c--alco *Hic!* hol!"

This man looks like he's been here since Snooky closed up shop.  When

that was is anyone's guess, but it appears to have been awhile because he's

covered in his own puke and urine.  He "To drink or not to drink, that is the question!"smells like a dumpster and speaks

like one as well. 


This drunk looked at me a certain way so I decided to pick and fight and discovered a shocking revelation


A disreputable drunk is unaffected by your punch!

A disreputable drunk is unaffected by your punch!

A disreputable drunk staggers blindly around the room.

A disreputable drunk sulks 'Fight you I too drunk am. :('

A disreputable drunk yawns.

A disreputable drunk falls asleep.


This drunk was not only invulnerable to any type of attack I tried, he also was able to discontinue combat and go to sleep at his own will.  All of the residents of Aylor are murdered from time to time for quests and campaigns.  Their secret desire is to get drunk and I finally understand why.  After seeing this drunk in action I can understand the desire for alcohol.  They are all seeking to be invulnerable so they cannot be harassed anymore. 

Be warned Aardwolfians.  The mobs are learning about the secret of alcohol.  Before we all know it they will all be drunk and puking everywhere.  Not only that, they will be unable to be killed and leave us starving for experience and gold!  This reporter is going to buy up all the alcohol he can and drink it on St. Patrick's day so that there is none left for them.  That is why we all need to drink on St. Patrick's Day!


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