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A Message of Intolerance
Written by VelvetLies

      The West Aylorian Church of Starlight increased their picketing lately, taking to the streets, channels and boards of Aylor to promote their message of hatred and intolerance towards bots. Graphic slogans and messages preach that "AYLA HATES BOTS", "BOTS BURN IN NUKES", "MUSHROOM CLOUDS ARE THE ANSWER", "BOTTING: IT IS AN ABOMINATION" and "YOU ARE CERTAIN THAT YOUR [TARGET] IS *NUKE SELF FROM HERE" among other heated sentiments. By hurling both individual and general accusations, some response has been elicited from antagonists of the WACS, however mixed declarations of outrage and misfired triggers can complicate the clarity of their messages.

     A recent round of godly actions against botlike behavior remains suspicious to some. Increased target maximums on t9 redo campaigns has some suggesting a more aggressive genocidal behavior towards NPCs. An increase in obfuscation in both campaigns and global quests is rumored to be covering up escalating substance usage occurring among Commander Barcett's cabinet, as well as the clandestine workers of Ivar Expeditions. One member of the Dark Eight made an anonymous comment demonstrating one set of suspicious beliefs.

      "It's a vicious cycle. As players increase their automation in either a legal or illegal fashion, these target assigning organizations become overloaded with demand. Maybe they need a little performance enhancement to tackle the workload. Mistakes are made so they call it obfuscation to avert any responsibility. Obfuscation slows down players, and suddenly the demand for targets slows down by some percentage. Now the administrators have more 'recreation' time, but in order to keep up their quotas, they recover some numbers by slipping a few more mobs in t9 redo campaigns."

     While our source was unable to provide proof of their allegations, analysts admit it sounds as plausible as anything that comes out of Gaardian. Yet another theory surfaced briefly in a quickly removed blog suggesting that both enterprises may be receiving kickbacks from NPCs paying for obfuscation in a desperate effort to reduce the frequency of being killed.

     While this goes to show that in our world, the mobs are just as competitive and paranoid as the nerf-fearing players, the WACS refused to comment on whether or not they had coordinated efforts with NPCs from any camp of such beliefs. We suspect the WACS won't stay silent for long, though, just until the next GQ win.


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