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Written by VelvetLies

If you missed our warning in 2011, it can be found here

Experts estimate a 75% chance Social Let Down will affect you or a loved one in 2012. Here is how you can get involved:

  • Tired of not landing what you were *aiming for? Submit a personal note to VelvetLies describing the experience. Include the *action and a brief description of what you were hoping for. A highly trained team of writers will work with you to compose the social you couldn't be bothered to write in full.

  • Feeling brilliant and motivated? Participate as a highly trained writer that works to help realize the dreams of others (lazier and inferior to you) by composing socials in the SSLD submission list, which will go live once enough submissions have been collected.

  • Show your support by speaking up if there is a submission you'd like to see completed, even if you don't want to take part in writing it. Or, simply buy your glory with a donation towards the purchase of your favorite submission and receive either a creation credit or Gaardbucks reward.


The finer print:

  • Gaardian assumes all expenses associate with social implementation.

  • Participants will be awarded GaardBucks based on their efforts, half upon initiation and half upon live implementation.

  • All parties involved in creation of implemented socials with share creation credit with Gaardian.

  • Gaardian reserves the right to reject any submissions or compositions we deem overly-trollified. Got a problem? We won't stop you from writing and funding it on your own.

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