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Bandit Still on the Loose!
Written by Barkin

 What seems like forever, the Sheriff of Nottingham is still looking for the notorious bandit, Robin Hood.  The Sheriff has upped the stakes and offered a huge reward of 10 TPs and 20,000,000 gold coins.  Some of the less experienced folk cannot believe that he would offer such an extravagant reward.  Others that have been around for a while say it is not even worth their time for such a small amount. 

When asked about any pending capture, Marion, Little John and Friar Tuck all laughed.  Little John said, “Good luck with that.  He (Robin Hood) will only be caught when HE wants to be caught.” Friar Tuck agreed as he took another swig off of his wine flask and staggered off in to the woods chasing rabbits.

When asked about this blatant disregard for the law, the Sheriff just shrugged it off and said that Robin will be caught, just wait and see.  "With a reward like this, even other bandits will snitch him out."

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