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Rinne no Lagrange
Written by Danj

Leaving aside the awkward sounding title and Engrish sub-title for the moment, Rinne no Lagrange seems on the surface of things to be a fairly standard giant robot show. Young person gets into the cockpit of a robot and intuitively knows how to pilot it? Check. Fighting against similar giant robots piloted by mysterious enemies who turn out to be actually human (or humanoid)? Check. Defeating the enemy with guts and fighting spirit? Check. Giant robot designs by Nissan.... wait, what?

Yes, that's right, not content with making cars, Nissan has turned its hand to designing giant robots for anime. It's kind of weird actually, I mean I would have expected to see their logo plastered all over it but I don't recall seeing that. Also, while they've tried to go for the unconvential design it's not totally out there - when in its humanoid form it bears some similarities to mechs such as Overman Nissan designing giant robots - they've tried to go for the unconventionalKing Gainer. And a mech that starts out in plane mode isn't exactly new either - you only have to look at anime like Macross to see that.

So what makes Lagrange worth watching then? Well, the main character (and indeed the other pilots on the "good guys" side) is female. Not unheard of, but usually in these kinds of shows female characters get given support roles or end up being puppets of the bad guys. And it's not all about fanservice either (though unavoidably there is some of that too). You do get a slice of school life thrown in, which is almost par for the course nowadays, and already there has been the inevitable beach episode (though it was a school swimming contest rather than the usual goofing off).

We're only four episodes in so far (this show is being simulcast) so a lot of things are up in the air right now, but this show is one that's worth checking out.

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