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Daily Blessing or Daily Curse
Latest Conspiracy!
Written by Malak

Blessing or curse?

Aardwolf has recently added a new facet to the game called the daily blessing.  This is a blessing you invoke by typing daily blessing.  It gives random rewards such as double experience for the next 70 mobs killed, or double qp for the next 3 quest completed.  There are a range of blessings that are for leveling, and others for questing and campaigning.  You can do it once every 24 hour period of real time.  The real question though, is this really a blessing? 

When attempting to speak to some of the imms about this issue I got vague or no responses. Tell lasher do you think that the daily blessing is an attempt to make people addicted to a text based game?  No one in this world by that name!  It is clear that he went wiz invis as soon as I sent that tell.  He found out I was ready to blow the cover off of his conspiracy.  The real goal of the daily blessing is to make people addicted to Aardwolf.

A secondary goal is to encourage more people to play Aardwolf.  By more people this means people will create an endless number of alts so that they can get daily blessings.  People will spend so much time trying to get the daily blessing of 10 minutes of double experience that they will make hundreds of alts to ensure this.  Double experience will occur several times an hour endlessly.  Then when we get used to it the blessing will be shut off entirely!

Then they will make a wish to add the daily blessing back for your character only.  This will make people donate their life savings and college funds to get back this "blessing".  As people around the world lose their jobs and their educational futures, the world will become a darker place.  However, Aardwolf will have its highest attendance ever and be thriving more than ever.  Perhaps the daily blessing is really just a way to ruin the souls of all those who play!

Or it is very well possible it is a great and wonderful addition and that Lasher was not logged in when I sent that tell.  Though that would be logical and when does logic ever pay off?

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