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Food Fads 2011
The Most Popular Summer Fad Diets
Written by VelvetLies

The Pot Pie Diet is an efficient, low weight and high replenishment diet, with a 1-2 weight and 100% replenishment per pie. Homeowners may favor this diet once they have mastered the art of creating the perfect manor pie. Not recommended for gluten sensitive adventurers.

The Local Sweet-Tooth Diet may be favored by an adventurer with a hankering for the sweet stuff. With delicious danishes, donuts and cookies available at the Aylorian Eatery, one can easily overlook the relatively low return of these decadent treats. Not recommended for diabetics or hyperactive children.


The Kobold Sandwich Diet is an alternative diet that can also be supplied through the Aylorian Eatery. For the consumer that prefers a heartier meal than the sugary snacks and may have tired of pot pies. The kobold sandwich can be easy made with 1-2 pieces of bread and a kobold on a stick. Low carb dieters may forego the bread entirely. Not recommended for vegetarian adventurers.


The Mushroom and Goodberry Diet sounds like something most virtuous girls and boys wouldn't engage on the first date, but it's an organic option for those that prefer to create their own food. Not recommended for anyone that can't help snickering at the idea of a mushroom and goodberries platter.


The Catered Gambler Diet is an unpredictable diet that is preferred by certain folks that rely on begging friends or strangers to send them something – anything – from Necromn's. The few that favor this diet may have the good fortune to nibble the nostalgic Arborian Delight. Not recommended for prison lurkers.


The Hobo Diet consists of random edible items found in corpses or on floors. Recommended for desperate folks with iron stomaches as the origins and preparations of such items can never be validated.


The Liquid Diet is an option for travelers in such a rush they don't even have time to chew. Just one trip to a fountain that sprays your favorite juice, milk or soda can ward off those hunger pains. Bring a container to fill and you'll be set for days of non-eating. Juice diets are the recommended option for seafarers that may be vulnerable to scurvy and lactose intolerant adventurers.


The Mind-Over-Body Diet is a popular dieting option among mentalists that has been widely misconceived as a form of anorexia by those of lower psychological stamina. Recommended for mentally prepared cynics that find no joy in food or drink but have not completely mastered their hunger.


The Hero Diet is an easy option for any player that has reached level 200. Not recommended to be used extensively by any player that hasn't acquired all seven classes.


The Nohunger Idler Diet has been widely popular with the less active adventurers. By never leaving a nohunger room, the need to eat can be delayed indefinitely. Recommended for adventurers that are so lazy they couldn't be bothered to navigate to this article.


The Happy Tourist Diet is a diet of souvenir samples found in shops from far-off areas. Recommended for the die hard foodies willing to travel long distances to discover new flavors.


The Stumbling Barfly Diet is one of the riskier diets, in which practitioners primarily tame their hunger with beer. Not recommended for anyone that wants to maintain their self-respect in the morning.


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