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Sudoku Challenger
Written by Mandorallen
This contest is concluded. Stay tuned for the results!

This issue of Gaardian features a special Sudoku challenge. As this puzzle is not that easy to solve, prizes will be awarded for each correct entry, as follows:


- 500,000 gold to the first correct entry;
- 200,000 gold to the second correct entry;
- 100,000 gold to the third correct entry;
- 10,000 gold for all other correct entries.
The solution will be posted in the next edition of Gaardian, along with all the correct posters.


Instructions: "Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every nine-square subsection contains the digits 1 through 9." There is only one solution to each puzzle. For more information on the original puzzle, visit http://www.sudoku.com/.

The Grid:



This contest is concluded. Stay tuned for the results!

To enter this contest, post your solution to Mandorallen on the Personal board. 
Good luck!

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