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Area Rewrite Confusion Disorder is a new plague for players.
Written by VelvetLies

The Aylorian Health Institute issued a statement to say that if you have been feeling lost or disoriented in once familiar places, you are not alone. Old neighborhoods have been unsympathetically razed and rebuilt to achieve what contractors have called 'better originality and creativity'. Simultaneously, brand new areas continue to pop up causing many adventurers to pause their journeys to question: have I been here before?

It's important to know that ARCD is not believed to be contagious, despite the tendency for cluster outbreaks that bloom just after reboots and ice ages. Even semi-expert adventurers have been stopped in their tracks to ask: anyone know what my [old portal] might be called these days?

There is no cure or for vaccine for ARCD and those that have recovered from previous episodes have reported relapsing without warning. ARCD can cause feelings of immense frustration, hopelessness and anxiety so advisors at the AHI recommend seeking urgent help if you experience any of these symptoms.

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