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Bubble Trouble!
Soak away summer boredom with Aardwolf Celebrity Hot Tub!
Written by VelvetLies

The Aardwolf Celebrity Hot Tub specs say it can comfortably seat eight, has over 24 jets with 4 custom settings for the ultimate Hot Tub Rub, and features add-ons such as a champagne fountain, mini-fridge, tiny slide and pop-up canopy. The guest list has yet to be released, but promises to include everyone who is anyone - from notorious clan hoppers to mighty grinding t9 re-doers, the most helpful helpers to questionably human gq bots, explosive note flamers to creepy trolls, hyper-vigilant channel police to the most ruthless raiders. IEE Executive Producer Riva Viar noted that guests won't know who they will be soaking with ahead of time, promising a 'lively, handpicked cross-section of personalities.'

If the first round of auditions for the Hot Tub Host are any indication of what will come next, we can expect plenty of steam. One hopeful told our reporter, "Aardwolf has seen significant and exciting developments lately! The adventure is changing...there is more to discuss than who should be nuked, or PKed, or note banned or how much TPs should cost." A nearby competitor interjected, "No, there isn't." According to our source at IEE casting, neither will receive a callback.

Critics have offered mixed responses to the project, ranging from anticipation to disgust. One blogger wrote: 

   Viar doesn't need to work this hard to prove that neither intelligence, knowledge or talent have anything
to do with celebrity. Don't we already know that you don't actually have to be good at anything to be famous? We don't need to give an opportunity to this bunch of fatheads to start splashing at each other to get even more attention.
Viar responded by telling our offices that we can expect "one part round table, one part pool party, with a little bit of that awkward locker room vulnerability". Viar confirmed the Hot Tub will include a Fan Response segment and encouraged Gaardian readers and all fans of Aardwolf Celebrities to begin sending in their inquiries and constructive criticisms of their favorite celebs now.

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