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GYHoA-VI - Love Safely
Written by VelvetLies

Spring time brings love to the front of the mind for many species. It drives some to engage in risky behavior and both ordinary and extraordinary stupidy. The Aylorian Union of Healers would like to remind all adventurers of the following tips and preventative measures for a safer, happier love experience.

1. If you receive a box of choclate covered Trivia Point Tokens, please remember you would probably choke on that!

2. Moonlight seduction is romantic. However, it is February and proper precautions should be taken to account for nudity in inclement weather.

3. Flexibility doesn't change drastically overnight. If your arm/leg/spine couldn't do THAT before, you are likely going to injure yourself trying it now.

4. Watch for thorns.

5. "Jose Cuervo" does not make champagne. Do not let your date convince you otherwise.

Keep these tips and a general awareness of safe love practices for a more romantic date this year. Please remember the Aylorian Union of Healers does not include training for injuries and conditions that may result from the above scenarios.




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