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Friendly Persuasion
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Written by Malak

Recently some new changes were brought into place! These changes serve the sole purpose of making us spend qps to buy the Popularity wish! When asked if this was the goal of the comment the conversation went like this.

Tell Lasher do you confirm or deny forcing people to buy the popularity wish?

No one in this world by that name!

As you can see folks, wizinvis was used to evade this line of questioning which can be almost possibly maybe sort of taken as a small chance of a confirmation! Below lies the factual proof positive reasoning for this line of thinking!

The most crucial change was the addition of the nofriend command that will prevent others from friending you. As stated this doesn't apply if they are already on your friend list and are just adding you back.

Darn you can still be rotated like a screw! There should be a norotate command that way you can keep your friends from abusing your friendship and rotating you!

Make those people spend the qps for the valuable popularity wish. Along with massive qps and tps, ones goal on aard should be the biggest friends list! When real life gets too real you need 120 people on here to cheer you up.

They also added the friend reject [person] [reason]. It will remove someone from your friends wannabe list and give them a reason. Oh no, if it wasn't enough to be able to remove them and perhaps them never know the insult of the cold shoulder now you can send them a message along with it! friend reject malak I wanted to shatter your hopes and dreams among the rocks of indifference!

If you pair it with the nofriend command depression rates will go up exponentially on aardwolf as friendships are torn apart with these new changes.

The end result of these changes will be increased use of antidepressants among aardwolfians! and more people purchasing the popularity wish hoping that having popularity will make people less like to reject their offers of friendship!


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