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Chuft Steals Hook Goat
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Written by Mandorallen

In a series of ridiculously predictable events, Chuft has stolen HooK's goat. Desperate HooKers were seen rambling all over the countryside last month, yelling "c'mon billy, c'm bye nanny".

Poor Billy has not been seen since. Reports have come in that some of the dastardly pirates were last seen at Kimr's farm, sampling some freshly-produced goat cheese.

Over the course of the past month, the Mid'Gaardian Publishing For once, Norton has a good point.Group installed a complaint box near the reception desk. The box, which was to collect letters from angry Gaardian Maps users who were outraged by the lack of maps, was sadly collecting more dust than letters.

By mid-February, not a single demand for a new map had been issued, and as such, no more maps will be published for the rest of the year. I hope you're all happy now.

In other news:
For once, Norton has a good point.

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