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GYHoA-V: Social Let Down
Gaarding Your Heath On Aardwolf Addresses the Threat of 2011
Written by VelvetLies

Social Let Down is a condition that is generally considered temporary, but many cases have been documented to continue almost chronically. Other sufferes report the condition will come and go without warning. Early warning signs of SLD include:





Dry Mouth


Reduced Concentration

Uncontrollable Sobbing

Keyboard Mashing

Screen Punching

Unprovoked Drunkenness


SLD manifests in two forms. The first is a complete failure of hitting a social - such as *bloop or *HNY; This GYHoA brought to you by The Aylorian Expressionists Coalitionthe second is the result of a social misfire - either hitting an unexpected social output or getting the correct output for the wrong target. A third type is unconfirmed - the *random let down - pending more research. If you have experienced either of these forms of SLD, consult a local professional for treatment options.

This GYHoA brought to you by The Aylorian Expressionists Coalition. Donations are currently being accepted to find a cure for Type I SLD through the creation of new socials and existing social awareness.

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