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Gaardian Lottery Expected to Turn Profit in 2011
The grass is definitely greener on the other side
Written by Mandorallen

The Gaardian-owned lottery organization, Honest Gaardian's Lottery, is expected to turn a profit this year after its most unprofitable year on record.

The Gaardian Lottery, which comprises of a weekly drawing for a Trivia Point Token, is largely unadvertised. What makes it different from most other lotteries is that there is absolutely no cost to enter.

Name collection begins on the lottery website, lottery.gaardian.com, where players can enter for themselves, their alts, their friends, and their friends's alts. Then, every Sunday, Mandorallen proceeds to pick the winning player through a die roll cast at recall, and an announcement In 2010, the Gaardian Lottery gave away a whooping 28 TPs and 4 million gold.is followed shortly on the gametalk channel. The winner has a week to claim the prize of a Trivia Point Token for only 100k gold, which is what trivia tokens were selling for over 13 years ago.

In 2010, the Gaardian Lottery gave away a whooping 28 TPs and 4 million gold. They received less than 3 million in compensation - a drop in the bucket considering the expenses.

When asked about this astounding net loss of 141 million gold, the organizer Mandorallen replied that 2010 was perhaps not the most profitable year. "I expect the venture to head into greener territory in 2011. Why, that's when we're expected to shut down."

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