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Details pending further investigations.
Written by VelvetLies

Santa code reportedly stolen. Only the best and most patient behavior could prove his continued existence around Christmas.

New warnings for falling debris: inactive outcasts spotted hurtling through virtual space during 'Housekeeping Sweep'.

Anonymous player filed a complaint of theft of pride on multiple channels.

Class action suit reported against Aardwolf Forums(tm) for perpetration of “threads of little or no quality”.

Over 400M gold worth of smoke damage estimated from latest flame war.

Kim Jong Il detained outside Wolf HQ in failed raid attempt to acquire secret stash of unused nukes. Wolf opens doors to applicants in search of reinforcements.

'Blue Face of Death' clusters erupting as more bodies are found showing symptoms of the mysterious Terminal Bellyache. Experts continue to work for cure and vaccine.

Ivar declares "NOT MY BABIES!" entering new appeal in ongoing paternity suit.

Investigation exposes modified documents and damage reports, could prove the MUD wasn't ruined.

 "Smelly" hack of Gaardian site believed to be an inside job.


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