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We've updated our website!
New roster and past issues to peruse
Written by Mandorallen

We've made continuous improvements to our website since its been launched, but two changes that we've released less than a month ago may be of interest to our readers.

It took us a few years to get around to it, but readers can finally view all of our issues heading back till the beginning of time (as Gaardian sees it, anyhow). You can either scroll through our issues by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of each issue's main page, or you can jump directly to a particular year or edition through our new past issues page.

Our brand new roster page acknowledges and credits all of our fantastic current and past contributors, as well as provides ranking information and profile links to any of our current members. Clicking on any of the names on this page will pull up their profile and all articles they have written for the Mid'Gaardian.

The links to the roster and past issues can also be The links to the roster and past issues can be found at the top and bottom of every page of our online paper.found at the top and bottom of every page of our online paper.

We hope these newly improved ways to search through our archives will inspire a stroll down memory lane as it did for me. I had forgotten about VelvetLies's wonderfully deep contemplation, The Faces of Players, which asked the question of 'why do people act the way they do online?' I also revisited a good laugh I had years back when I stumbled upon Wolfe's eloquent articulation of "We have a theme".

So once you're done with our most ginormous issue ever, consider heading down into our archives - who knows what gems will await you there!

We are always looking for more ideas to revolutionize our paper and website. If you have any suggestions on what you think is missing or would be helpful to Aardwolf players, please send Mandorallen a note on the Personal board or you can leave him an email at mandorallen@gaardian.com.

Head back for more!

Check out our roster and past issues for even more articles!

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