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Cocktail Craze
Put your sauce where your mouth is.
Written by VelvetLies

The Cocktail Craze is a Designer Drink challenge open to all players.

To enter, players should submit their vessel of choice filled with a custom cocktail concoction to VelvetLies

Winners will be selected based on creativity, deliciousness and hilarity.

Include a clever name or back story for your concoction to earn bonus brownie points.

The grand prize for the best cocktail will be the winner's choice of 3 TP tokens or 15M gold.

Other prizes may be awarded for spectacular entries.

Winners will be notified via personal board and will have one week to claim their prize.

No actual brownies will be awarded.

Prizes are not transferrable.

Entries will not be returned to players.

Submissions may be published or otherwise used for entertainment purposes.

This contest will close on August 21, 2010.

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