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Gaarding Your Health on Aardwolf - Part III
New reports indicate a potential epidemic
Written by VelvetLies

       7 out of 10 players, at some point in their adventures, experience Irritable Mort Syndrome. Irritable Mort Syndrome may occur with a slow or sudden onset, usually resulting from poor building choices. If you've recently created, remorted, tiered, redone t9, or come out of retirement, you may be at risk of IMS. Symptoms of IMS include:

Mood Swings
Hot Flashes
Night Terrors
Increased Sweating
Substance Abuse
Decreased Appetite
Nausea with vomiting
Nausea without vomiting
Vaginal Dryness

    Currently, the only known treatment for IMS is through extensive leveling therapy. If you or a loved one are showing signs of IMS, contact your preferred experience professional. It's your mort and it doesn't have to be a drag.

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