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Secret to Tierhood Revealed
Because levelling is just too gosh darn impossible
Written by Mandorallen

With botting outlawed from every corner of Andolar and the vast majority of players struggling to complete their first tier, an aggressive interview with T9s reveal their best-kept secret to tiering: cheat codes.

To many, this does not come as a big surprise. Every great game comes with its own collection of cheat codes, and Aardwolf is no exception to the great games list.

"I always suspected that T9 that just appeared overnight with 10 million quest points earned was cheating his ass off!" exclaimed a prominent member of the Beer Drinking Friends who is still on his first tier. "And you know what? I was right all along!"

After a certain amount of blackmail and extortion on reigning champions of the the 'rank 1' listings (hint: if you're strapped for cash, you know where to go *nudge nudge*), this reporter managed to pluck out exactly how they did it.

To get cheats to work on Aardwolf, you first need to enable it. This is cleverly disguised as a hidden auto toggle not listed on the main configuration options: autocheat. Simply enter that command to turn cheats on or off.

Once cheats have been toggled on, enter one of the following codes to give yourself the tier's advantage:

all Every great game comes with its own collection of cheat codes, and Aardwolf is no exceptionyour base are belong to us (raiding party only): temporarily sets the player's recall room to the targeted clan's store for the duration of the raid

I see dead people (necromancer only): turns every mob in your area into an undead zombie. Whee!! It's the last day on earth again!

lasher sucks: instantly be struck down by a lightning bolt with up to 100,000 damage; great for getting out of norecall prisons like Nine Hells

your mom: during warfare, this will spam every participant on any opposing team with an ASCII representation of your mom clad only in underwear. By the time your opponents recover from the trauma, the war will be over. 

I am unicorn!: summons Escobar to do your bidding and ostracizes the user from the rest of the MUD until the effect is turned off

wear robe and wizard hat: grants the user the spell 'eroticism' at level 3, which instantly changes any target into a real, beautiful woman. Caution: casting this spell on a female player may blast the caster into the Great Beyondness.


If you've found additional cheat codes not listed here, I encourage you to send them in to Mandorallen on the personal board. May the best cheaters win!

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