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Trivia Points - Too Hot to Handle?
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Written by VelvetLies

With the enormous Trivia Point inflation spiking, our investigative journalists skulked into the shadowed night and "lawfully" extracted evidence from agencies throughout Aylor to find the cause or meaning behind the TP rush.

     What they uncovered is shocking, albeit completely untrue. It appears that a small coalition of Questors are petitioning an increase the cost of Quest Points needed to purchase Trivia Points, backed by some pretty strange science supporting the notion that Trivia Points are contributing to the advancement of Global Warming.

     Global Warming, which takes a back seat on Aardwolf to things like Global Quests, Global Spellups, Global Restores, and Global Echos, could have a severe impact on our world. The glaciers of Geldius could melt, causing levels of the Siirima and Uncharted Oceans to rise. While players may think this is no big deal with conveniences like the Gills wish or Underwater Breathing, the Questor Global Union is still deadlocked in negotiations resulting from the implementation of the continents and says that making any more environmental changes that may affect the tracking and locations of mobs will shut down talks entirely.

     A recent statement from a confidential source described the strain of new areas already exacerbating tensions and described 'tpenchant's as the main culprit of the latest environmental concern. Every time a weapon glows brilliantly, the output of magical energy contributes to the increase in the global temperature by as much as 0.000041%. The propsed action involves attaching a 10% QP tax on Trivia Point purchases from Questors While the direct expenditures of the tax haven't been outlined, several TP trading players are encouraging the hike, including one that said, "We don't really care about Global Change Whatever, but we see a great potential to profit, so we like it."


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