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Players Demand New Lizard Racial Ability
Written by Caliandra

The repeated slaying of lizards with pierce and cold attacks in PK has brought their numbers to the lowest ever recorded. Lizard experts and self-proclaimed furries are concerned that without direct intervention from Lasher, the race could quickly become extinct.

As recently as a month ago, Lasher stepped in an attempt to stop the problem. The thief skill, spiral, was changed so that it no longer did pierce damage. Unfortunately, the change has done nothing to save the lizard's declining numbers. "Think about this though" lizard expert TrEz said, "if I got 10001 weapons with diff. damtypes, it's much likely that I'd break you in half with any damtype anyway."

Their unpopularity with lizards goes beyond their vulnerability to cold and pierce damage. Lizards are slow and unlucky, making them both terrible at melee and spellcasting. "+1/+1 in stats like Dex and Luck make it impossible for me to take them down to -2 with tier stats," TrEz said when asked why he would never play a lizard.

The new proposed ability would grant lizards an enhanced immunity to blind and stun attacks and a full immunity to daze. This ability was seen as less likely to generate over 100 complaints to feedback unlike the alternative idea of switching the +1 and -1 around between Wisdom and Dexterity.

If implemented by Lasher, the ability is expected to make Lizards highly popular again. "It's not that abusable, and will break the boredom at [Superhero]," TrEz said. It also could help improve Lasher's approval ratings after its recent decline to 75% when one surveyed responded, "Who is Lasher?"

No lizards could be contacted for their opinion on the proposed racial ability because they are just that unpopular.

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